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The Northern Forest region of northern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York is home to more than 2 million people who live in rural communities, larger towns and small cities surrounded by the largest intact forest in the eastern United States.

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Voice for the Region

The Center pulls together community and business leaders to make the Northern Forest voice heard in Washington, DC and in state capitals. Saranac ( NY) Town Councilman Jerry Delaney (right) accompanied Center staff and other community partners to Washington DC to ask lawmakers to level the playing for wood heat. Read more...

Expanding Wood Pellet Heating

The Berlin Housing Authority (BHA) expects to save $11,000 a year on heating now that it has switched from oil to a highly efficient, fully-automated wood pellet boiler through the Center’s Model Neighborhood Project.

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Skilled Workforce Initative

Creating better jobs, stronger forest-based industry

“The work is out there, but if we can’t recruit, train and retain a skilled workforce, our opportunities for growth are more limited. This program will significantly advance the woodworking sector in our area and we’re looking forward to the possibilities it brings us.”

Kevin Hastings, owner and president, Amoskeag Woodworking, Colchester, VT

Creating Community Forests

The Center helps communities acquire, conserve and manage local forests to generate a wide range of benefits for residents and the local economy.  Read about the program and the Canaan (Vermont) Community Forest.

The Center helps create economic opportunity and community vitality from healthy working forests in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.

On-the-Ground Projects

Resource Programs


The center helps communities, businesses and landowners generate income from the sustainable use of the forest through:

10,000 Feet:

Regional Capacity & Networking

Center programs build capacity across the region through:

30,000 Feet:

Regional Strategy & Leadership

The Center's place-based projects integrate multiple strategies to demonstrate how they can benefit their host communities:

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Program Highlights

  • Land Purchased for Perley Mills Community Forest - 03/28/14
    In December of 2013, Loon Echo Land Trust purchased the 1,600 acre property from K&W Timberlands. Loon Echo Land Trust is collaborating with the towns of Denmark, Bridgton and Sebago, Maine to c…Read More
  • Study of 13 Mile Woods shows value of Community Forests - 03/21/14
    A study of 13 Mile Woods Community Forest in Errol, N.H., shows that town-owned and managed forests can contribute significantly to local economic and community development.   The Communi…Read More
  • 2014 Farm Bill Becomes Law - 02/14/14
      President Obama signed into law the 2014 Farm Bill on February 7 th , 2014. The new law provides many important authorizations for rural development, energy, forestry, and conservation progra…Read More
  • Model Neighborhood Project coming to Vermont this spring - 01/31/14
    The Center is planning to launch the Model Neighborhood Project in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this spring, in the towns of Sutton, Newark, Lyndon, Burke, Sheffield, Wheelock, East Haven and Ki…Read More