Regional Wood Products Consortium

The Regional Wood Products Consortium is a collaboration between the Northern Forest Center and the wood products manufacturing industry in the 4-state region encompassing Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northern New York. The Consortium assists the industry in pursuing innovation opportunities to enhance its economic competitiveness and by helping to build a robust, highly skilled workforce.

The Center coordinates Consortium activities through strong partnerships with several key wood products industry trade associations including a national trade association and a statewide trade association in each of the four states. Together, these five trade association have approximately 250 wood products manufacturing companies in the region as members.


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Participation in Consortium activities is not limited to wood products manufacturing companies that are members of these trade associations.

Funding for Transformational Innovation in Wood Products Manufacturing

The Regional Wood Products Consortium is offering new financial support to help wood products companies implement innovations that have the greatest potential for transformational change, with special emphasis on Lean Manufacturing, Mass Customization, and Company Culture and Organizational Development. Wood products companies in the Consortium's 4-state region have the potential to receive direct financial support of up to $20,000 or more; smaller projects are also welcome. Learn more about funding

Skilled Workforce Initiative for Wood Manufacturing

The Skilled Workforce Initiative for Wood Manufacturing is designed to enable the industry to build the robust, highly skilled workforce necessary for the industry to be economically competitive in the global marketplace of the 21st Century.

Woodworkers Career Alliance Passport

  • Assist wood products companies in hiring, training, retaining and promoting workers with needed skills
  • Help establish a strong career path for woodworkers by recognizing and valuing the profession
  • Assist educational and training institutions in better linking training opportunities with the market needs of secondary wood products manufacturers, and
  • Attract new talent to the industry

Resources for Wood Products Manufacturers

The Consortium launched its Innovation Assistance program by sponsoring a series of Specialized Innovation Workshops on the five topics, each featuring experts from across the nation. Access resources from the workshops and other Consortium events here