Sustainable Economy Initiative

Sustainable Economy Initiative LogoThe Northern Forest Sustainable Economy Initiative (SEI) released its strategy and recommendations on Oct. 8, 2008. The full strategy, a summary, a news release and an audio file of the media tele-conference are available for download below.

North Country Council, Inc LogoSEI began in 2006 to advance the findings of the Northern Forest Lands Council 10th Anniversary Forum and its recommendation to create “community and economic development strategies across the region to reinvigorate the rural economies of the Northern Forest.”
Northern Forest 

Northern Forest Center LogoThe Initiative was led by a four-state Steering Committee appointed jointly by the four governors and the organizations managing the project: the Northern Forest Center and the North Country Council. The federal Economic Development Administration and private contributions funded the two-year project.

Throughout the project, sixty government, community and business leaders served as appointees, alternates and advisors representing diverse sectors—arts, tourism, forest products, education, the environment, utilities, banking, and community and economic development.

Over the course of two years, this group came together to understand the shared challenges facing Northern Forest communities, identify the region’s assets and opportunities, and agree on a shared vision and strategy for revitalizing the Northern Forest economy and sustaining the long term health of its people and lands. The Strategy for Economic Resurgence represents the product of the Steering Committee’s work.

The completed strategy calls for long-term regional action in three areas:

  • Protect and enhance the region’s assets by investing in its people, communities, infrastructure and natural resource base.
  • Expand enterprise by encouraging workforce, entrepreneurial and business development.
  • Coordinate and advocate as a region to adapt to change by understanding and advocating for regional interests and priorities.